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QR Code Table Ordering

Experience the operational power of  QR code table ordering 

In the wake of COVID-19, table ordering through QR codes and apps has witnessed an unprecedented surge in popularity, revolutionising the dining experience.
As the industry standard, this innovative solution has become a necessity for medium to large-scale venues, offering numerous compelling reasons for bars and restaurants to adopt this cutting-edge approach:
Increased  Efficiency  and Turnaround: 

Implementing table ordering streamlines the entire ordering process, boosting operational efficiency and reducing wait times. By enabling customers to directly place their orders, staff can focus on delivering exceptional service, expediting food preparation, and ensuring prompt delivery.

The result is a smoother flow of operations, increased table turnover, and the ability to cater to more patrons during peak hours.

 Increased  Order Value:

Table ordering offers opportunities for upselling and cross-selling by using interactive digital menus, suggestive prompts, and visual displays. Engaging visuals, enticing descriptions, and recommendations for add-ons or premium options can encourage customers to explore and indulge in more menu items, increasing revenue per order and enhancing the overall dining experience.
With suggestive selling, bars and restaurants can tap into the potential for increased profitability and customer satisfaction.
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Harness Data and Unleash Marketing    Capabilities: 

Table ordering unlocks a goldmine of valuable customer insights, paving the way for data-driven marketing strategies. By analysing customer preferences, order history, and feedback, restaurants gain a deep understanding of their clientele. Armed with this knowledge, establishments can tailor personalised recommendations, targeted promotions, and enticing loyalty rewards.
This data-driven approach propels customer engagement, cultivates long-lasting loyalty, and unlocks untapped revenue potential. Embrace the power of data to fuel your marketing efforts and propel your bar or restaurant to new heights.

Real-Time  Updates  and Menu  Flexibility: 

QR code and app integration allow for instant menu updates, ensuring customers always have access to the most current offerings. Whether it's daily specials, seasonal dishes, or dietary information, the digital platform enables seamless updates in real-time.
This flexibility enhances customer satisfaction, prevents disappointment due to unavailable items, and allows for quick adjustments to meet changing demands.

Elevated  Safety and Hygiene: 

While Covid may no longer be of the same concern, table ordering minimises physical contact, providing a safe and hygienic environment for both customers and staff. By eliminating the need for physical menus and order-taking interactions, it reduces the risk of transmission and ensures compliance with health guidelines.
This enhanced safety measure reassures customers and instils confidence in their dining experience.

  Enhanced.  Customer Experience:  

Empowering customers to order at their own pace, table ordering enables a seamless and personalised experience. With a simple scan with the website or app access, customers have the convenience of exploring menus and customising orders directly from their smartphones.
This intuitive and user-friendly process eliminates wait times, enhances order accuracy, and ultimately elevates customer satisfaction.
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Table ordering through QR codes and apps revolutionises the dining experience by increasing efficiency, boosting order value, harnessing valuable customer data, providing real-time menu updates, enhancing safety, and elevating the customer experience. Embracing this approach streamlines operations, increases revenue, and cultivates customer loyalty.