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Staff Handhelds for Table-side Ordering

Tableside Ordering with BOSS IT:  Enhancing Restaurant Efficiency  and Guest Experience

Table-side ordering revolutionises the dining experience by enabling waitstaff to directly take orders from customers at their tables. BOSS IT offers a comprehensive table-side ordering solution that utilises Android-based staff handheld devices. 

Here's why restaurants should consider using BOSS IT's table-side staff handheld ordering solution:

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  Easy to Use:   

BOSS IT's tableside ordering solution runs on Android devices, a popular and user-friendly operating system. The intuitive interface makes it easy for waitstaff to navigate the application and take orders efficiently. Its familiarity ensures a minimal learning curve for staff members.

  Lightweight   and   Portable:  

BOSS IT's handheld devices are lightweight, allowing waitstaff to carry them effortlessly throughout the restaurant. The ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling, ensuring an uninterrupted and smooth ordering process.

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  Seamless   Order Transmission:

BOSS IT's tableside ordering solution seamlessly integrates with the Point of Sale (POS) system. This integration ensures that orders taken on the handheld devices are instantly transmitted and recorded in the POS, eliminating the need for manual entry.

The streamlined process reduces the chances of errors and delays.

  Direct Communication   with the Kitchen: 

BOSS IT's solution facilitates direct and real-time communication between the waitstaff and the kitchen. Once the orders are placed, they are immediately transmitted to the kitchen, ensuring swift preparation and minimising wait times for guests.

The direct transmission eliminates the potential for miscommunication or lost orders.

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  Enhanced   Guest Experience:

With BOSS IT's tableside ordering solution, waitstaff can provide a personalised and engaging experience for guests. The handheld devices allow for easy menu browsing, customisation of orders, and the ability to view detailed item descriptions or images.

Waitstaff can also make relevant recommendations, highlight specials, and offer add-ons or upgrades, enhancing upselling opportunities and increasing revenue.

BOSS IT's tableside ordering solution empowers restaurants to streamline their operations, improve order accuracy, and enhance the overall dining experience for guests. By leveraging the Android-based handheld devices, which are easy to use, lightweight to carry, and seamlessly integrated with the POS and kitchen, restaurants can benefit from increased efficiency, reduced errors, and a more personalised service.