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About Us

How We Started


Our team is comprised of tech geniuses and people who have worked in the Hospitality Industry. We understand the heat in the kitchen, the chaos on the floor and the madness behind the bar. 

We also know you need support from us at unsociable hours, need to be able to make changes from your own devices, (no extortionate call-out fee's here) and hardware that doesn't cost silly money. 

If you're looking for an intuitive platform, with amazing support we're your best choice.

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What else??


We want to provide the various types of Outlets in the Hospitality Industry the tools to revolutionise their businesses. Removing hours upon hours of manual work, reducing costs, improving operations, implementing robust marketing campaigns- and not charging extortionate fees for the pleasure to do it. ​

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We are delighted to announce our partnership with Romayo's following the implementation of our software across their 22 stores!

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Empowering Businesses: Real Stories & Tangible Successes with BOSS IT. Read more below to find out how BOSS IT created a tailored solution to address Yeeros challenges.

Ballsbridge Pizza

Hear from one of our proud Clients Ballsbridge Pizza