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BOSS IT Features

Digital Ordering

On Premise


Accelerate in-house order processing through our kiosks, easing the pressure on your team while boosting the average value of orders.

QR Code

Cut down on waiting by enabling your guests to place their orders directly from their seats.

Staff Handheld

Give your team the power of handheld devices to minimize visits to the POS and speed up service delivery.



Elevate your brand with a bespoke app, channeling visitors directly to your platform while minimising your dependency and expenses associated with external marketplace platforms.


Let your digital space mirror your unique character while seamlessly facilitating direct orders. 


Point of Sale

Channel Manager

Are you juggling a multitude of devices, inundated with orders from Just Eat, Deliveroo, Uber Eats, and directly from customers? End the turmoil with the BOSS IT channel manager.

Customer Database

Consolidate all your customer information from every service you offer. Access their entire history and monitor their rewards and loyalty points seamlessly.

Procedural Interface

Enhance your team's workflow effortlessly. With guided prompts, your staff will gather accurate information every time, while also capitalising on upselling opportunities seamlessly.

Menu Management 

Seamlessly manage your menu right from the POS system. With integrated two-way communication with your third-party applications, you can effortlessly adjust product availability on your POS and synchronise updates across all ordering platforms in no time.

Workload Management

Keep customer satisfaction high during peak times by controlling your workload effectively Communicate clearly wait times for delivery or pickup, aligning expectations with reality.

Caller ID Integration

Seamlessly connect your phone system to your Point of Sale. With Caller ID functionality, you can instantly access customer profiles, streamlining the process and eliminating the need to re-enter basic information such as names and addresses.

Vouchers & Discounts

With authorisation, team members have the ability to instantly generate discounts and sell vouchers right at the Point of Sale, enabling on-the-spot interaction with customers and minimising the need for back-and-forth communication with the corporate office.

Staff Clock In/Out

Streamline the process of staff clocking in and out directly through the till, with minimal effort required. Allow employees to easily clock out for breaks, and effortlessly generate insightful reports from the recorded data.


Stock Management

Maintain vigilant oversight of your inventory through transparent reports and timely updates.

Cost Management

Unlock insights into the cost-effectiveness of your products and understand your expenses in detail.


Delve into comprehensive reporting across all aspects of your business, empowering you to make well-informed choices, discover areas ripe for enhancement, and identify opportunities for growth.

Staff Scheduling

Eliminate the hassle of using external systems by scheduling staff directly through our admin portal, bringing all your needs into one unified platform. Easily replicate previous schedules and review past hours.

Suppliers & Purchase Orders

Effortlessly manage your suppliers' incoming inventory and stock needs by exporting and importing data.

Multi-location Reporting 

Effortlessly monitor your performance metrics across every location with the BOSS IT Dashboard. Utilise filters such as date, locations, data, sales, and performance metrics for a comprehensive overview.

Roles & Permissions

Manage the visibility of information for employees, define their actionable permissions, and amend seamlessly.


Kitchen Management System

Channel Manager

Streamline your operations by consolidating all order sources directly into the POS, eliminating the need for multiple devices. 

With two way communication, you can effortlessly make a single update to your menu or its availability and instantly synchronise these changes across all platforms.

Station Screens

Distribute orders efficiently to the designated stations, enabling chefs to concentrate on their specific tasks. Utilise automated timing to synchronise preparation times, guaranteeing a smooth and uninterrupted service experience for your customers.

Workload Management

Efficiently handle customer expectations during peak periods. Seamlessly adjust delivery or pickup expectations on all interfaces through both the POS system and administrative portal.

Status Updates

Prevent customer overload on your phone lines and the unnecessary expenditure of valuable resources on order status inquiries. Facilitate updates effortlessly within the online ordering process. 


Integrated Payments

Minimise errors with our seamless card payment integration. The total order amount is automatically forwarded to the card provider before any payment is processed for Kiosk and POS. 

Mobile & Contactless Payments

Utilising our app and website for transactions offers a seamless user experience and simplifies the checkout process.

PCI Compliance

Achieve PCI compliance effortlessly through BOSS IT payments.

Payments Reporting

Dive into detailed breakdowns of payment sources, periods, expenditures, and beyond.



Enable customers to accumulate points with each purchase, redeemable for discounts on subsequent orders. This strategy boosts customer interaction and loyalty.


Boost your sales, delight your customers, and unlock more opportunities with  discount codes. Seamlessly accepted across every ordering channel within the BOSS IT ecosystem.


Gather insightful feedback from your users through our app, allowing you to collect valuable data, was delivery slow? was the food cold? Engage in direct conversations with your customers and reward their inputs with points.

Email Campaigns

Launch automated email sequences and unique, one-time email blasts. Activate emails based on specific actions or the lack thereof. Furthermore, dispatch emails for special occasions or promotional campaigns, such as Two-for-One Tuesdays and more.

Gift Cards

Effortlessly integrate Gift Cards into your sales strategy, available for purchase both online and directly at your point of sale. Enjoy comprehensive Reporting & Performance tracking through your admin dashboard.

Push Campaigns

Leverage push notifications to connect with your audience and keep them informed about exclusive deals and rewards.

From recovering abandoned carts to reigniting interest and encouraging upsells, our strategies cover it all and beyond.


Call Centre

Ease the pressure in your kitchen by channeling orders for all sites to a one off-site location. Through our call centre portal, your team can effortlessly place orders, take payments, monitor their status, and handle customer complaints seamlessly.

Driver Tracking

With this feature, you'll have the power to track your drivers in real-time and strategically assign orders based on their locations. Plus, it offers the added convenience for customers to monitor their driver's progress as they eagerly await their arrival!

Third Party Channel Management

Every order is meticulously tracked and monitored via BOSS IT, regardless of whether it's made directly. This guarantees a consistent performance standard across the board.

Caller ID

Instantly recognise returning customers through our Caller ID integration, allowing you to access their order history and any related notes at a glance.


Franchise Friendly. Our platform is built to optimise

Keep a close eye on key performance indicators, revenue, and overall success. Control your offerings and pricing, manage subscriptions, and drive marketing initiatives.

Join the ranks of successful restaurants with your custom App and Website. Seize control over your brand, harness customer data to make informed decisions, and delight your patrons with tailored experiences. It's time to forge a direct connection with your customers and pave the way for long-term growth and profitability. Contact us today to embark on this exciting digital journey together.