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Then you're in the right place. BOSS IT provide fully integrated  AI driven software system for the hospitality industry. Why wait? Book a call to see how we can help.
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We work with all types of Hospitality Outlets

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Your Customers will love BOSS IT too

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Romayo's following the implementation of our software across their 22 stores!

Make Smarter Decisions in Less Time

BOSS IT empowers you to craft tailored solutions by selecting the necessary components that align with your business requirements. As your business grows, additional functionalities are at your fingertips.
Furthermore, our solutions are equipped with an integrated AI component that evolves and enhances its decision making prowess as you engage with it and supply more data, ultimately becoming smarter with use.
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Learn about your customer behaviour
Sales & Purchasing AI gives you actionable insights based on your business goals. An intelligent ordering recommender can tell you what products should be on this week's order down to a granular level. Learn accurate data on profit margins, wastage & more.


Fully Integrated Custom App & Website

Don't have an app or website? We can create one for you!
  • Mobile friendly websites
  • Easy to use app
  • Facilitates ordering, loyalty and communication
  • Intuitive menu format
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Optimise Operations, Cut Costs, and Increase Profits

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Simplify Business Operations

Integrate your point of sale, online ordering, marketing, staff scheduling, reservations, loyalty, and more into one streamlined platform.
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Improve Customer Service

Leverage personalised marketing and loyalty features and enable customers to easily place orders and book tables from their devices.
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Optimise Your Resources

Using our AI integrated software optimise schedules, track inventory levels, and efficiently allocate resources to reduce waste and boost profitability.
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Get valuable data insights into your restaurant’s performance


Order Management


Inventory Management


Online Ordering


AI Driven Reporting & Analytics


Staff Scheduling


Loyalty and Marketing