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Delivery Driver App & Station

Boost Your Restaurant's Efficiency  & Customer  Satisfaction  with Our Delivery App and Station

At BOSS IT, we are committed to providing the perfect customer experience. We can provide customers with their own in-house delivery app and our advanced driver app. With our last-mile functionality, we empower both customers and restaurant managers with valuable features to ensure seamless deliveries and exceptional service.

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We can provide solutions that address the specific pain points of your business.

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  Customer   Centric Delivery: 

For customers, our driver app offers real-time tracking on maps, allowing them to see exactly where their driver is located. This transparency provides peace of mind and eliminates any uncertainties about the delivery status.

Customers can track their orders from the moment they leave the restaurant until they arrive at their doorstep, enhancing convenience and reducing anxiety. (If the driver is delivering to multiple addresses they can be hidden until en route to their address).


  Best Route   and   Data Management:  

Restaurant managers also benefit from our driver app's capabilities. They gain visibility into the location of their drivers, enabling them to efficiently manage and optimise delivery operations. With the ability to view driver locations, managers can create the best routes based on real-time data, reducing delivery time and increasing overall efficiency.

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  Driver Support   via app: 

Moreover, our driver app equips drivers with essential customer details. By Providing drivers with important information such as customer preferences, special instructions, or delivery notes, ensures that every order is handled with care and meets customers' unique requirements. This attention to detail contributes to an outstanding customer experience and fosters loyalty.


By combining real-time tracking, route optimisation, and customer details, our customer delivery apps and driver app streamline the entire delivery process. Customers receive timely updates and can trust in the accuracy and efficiency of our services. Restaurant managers gain valuable insights and control over their delivery operations, enhancing productivity and customer satisfaction.

At BOSS IT, we understand the significance of the last mile in delivering exceptional customer experiences. With our in-house delivery apps and driver app, we provide the tools and technology to create seamless, efficient, and personalised delivery experiences. Trust us to take care of the final leg of your operations and leave a lasting impression on your customers.