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BOSS IT Driver tracking: Shifting service into high gear

In the fast-paced world of quick service restaurants (QSRs), delivering amazing food is only part of the equation. Providing a seamless delivery experience can set a great restaurant apart from the good ones. The BOSS IT Driver Tracking system not only allows managers to pinpoint pain points in the delivery journey but also enables customers to track their orders in real-time, managing expectations, reducing complaints, and boosting satisfaction.



The Pizza co (1)

Find your pain points: And deliver a great experience with The Pizza Co

"The BOSS IT Driver tracking has been a hit with both our customers and drivers. It streamlines our operations by highlighting any issues along the way, and our customers love getting real-time updates and seeing where their driver is. If you're a high volume QSR with in-house deliveries, and want to deliver a great experience, I strongly recommend it"
Matthew Stevenson, Owner, The Pizza Co. 



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Enhancing the Consumer Journey : A priority for for Base Wood Fired Pizza

The BOSS IT Driver tracking was a no brainer for BASE PIZZA.  Anything which improves the consumer journey is a must, and our delivery experience is top-notch. Customer feedback has been fantastic since roll out and we have it implemented across all stores now! "

Michael Lawlor, Director of Operations, Base Wood Fired Pizza 





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Customer and Driver Satisfaction: A Winning Combination for Romayo's

"After testing the BOSS IT Driver tracking system in a few of our stores, we made the decision to implement it company-wide. The positive feedback from our customers and drivers alike was overwhelming. Not only are our customers happier, but our drivers are also thrilled with the streamlined experience it provides. It truly enhances the overall delivery service for everyone involved," 

Anthony McCreery, Operations & Marketing Director for Romayo's Diner Group


Seamless Integration for Optimal Performance

The BOSS IT Driver Tracking system is built in-house, ensuring seamless integration with other modules. This unified approach offers in-depth insights into the delivery process, highlighting areas for improvement and optimising performance. By not relying on multiple providers, it provides a seamless interaction for both staff and customers.

The BOSS IT team explains: "Our in-house built system ensures seamless integration with other modules. It offers deep insights into the delivery process, helping identify and improve slow components. This unified approach benefits both staff and customers alike."



For QSR owners and managers looking to enhance their delivery operations, the BOSS IT Driver Tracking system is an invaluable tool. It not only improves the customer experience but also streamlines the delivery process for drivers. With seamless integration and comprehensive insights, BOSS IT is the ultimate solution for optimising delivery services in the quick service restaurant industry.


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