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All Fired Up for Success with BOSS IT.

Fired Up Pizza Group boosts operational efficiency and growth with BOSS IT, enhancing delivery performance and setting a new standard in the market. Explore their success story now.


The Fired Up Pizza Origin Story

Fired Up ignited their wood-fired pizza venture from two creatively repurposed shipping containers stationed outside the Goat bar in Goatstown, Dublin on May 15th, 2020, amidst the challenging times of the COVID pandemic. 

From the very beginning, Fired Up has been dedicated to combining the authentic flavours of Italy with the finest offerings of Ireland, crafting a pizza experience that stands out from the rest. Since 2020 Fired Up have expanded with two more brick & mortar stores, with more expansion on the horizon. 


Boosting Operational and Delivery Performance

"In our quest for a comprehensive system to meet our needs and propel our growth, we turned to BOSS IT with a specific focus on improving our delivery and collection operations. Despite the initial challenge of our specific requirements, our partnership with BOSS IT proved to be a success as they attentively listened to our requirements and together, we developed the perfect solution. The reporting functionality seamlessly aligns with our needs, ensuring streamlined operations. I firmly believe that our internal operating system for collection and delivery sets the standard in the market. If you are a tech-savvy business seeking a top-notch solution, I would recommend BOSS IT",

Peter O'Sullivan, Operations Manager, The Fired Up Pizza Group. 

Fired up functionality


Driving Growth through Enhanced Operational Efficiency

As customers increasingly seek enhanced digital experiences in all aspects of their lives, the food service industry is no exception. This rapidly evolving sector is at the forefront of technological advancements, with improvements seen in apps, websites, kiosks, driver tracking, communication strategies, re-engagement initiatives, operational efficiencies, and stock management. In an industry where the prevailing notion used to be "opting for the cheapest solution is ideal," there has been a shift towards managers and owners now seeking the most cost-effective options. Knowing the difference is the key.

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