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Hear how BOSS IT helped Romayo's transform its ordering experience

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The BOSS IT & Romayo's story

Explore the success story of BOSS IT's cutting-edge Point of Sale (POS) software at Romayo's, a popular fast-food chain known for its exceptional service. Romayo's sought to boost its operational efficiency and elevate customer experience by integrating innovative technology into its daily operations.

Discover how BOSS IT's tailored POS solution revolutionised Romayo's operations.

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We spoke with Dario Macari and Claudia Macari from Romayo’s Diner Group. 

We spoke with Dario Macari, Director of Operations and Claudia Macari, Business Development Manager from Romayo’s Diner Group.

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Dario why did you choose to go with BOSS IT?

BOSS IT was a system that gave us all of our features that we acquired in one package and it reduced the requirement to deal with a number of third parties. Our business operates seven days a week and with BOSS IT having their own in-house development team it gives our business the flexibility and support it requires on a technology front.


How has BOSS IT helped with your operations?

BOSS IT has been transformational for the business. It's provided us with the technology to integrate the service from our kitchen through to the front counter and into our home delivery service. It's offered us massive features in areas that we haven't had technology before in the business in terms of analytics and operational data the BOSS IT back office system has given us much greater control across different sites and we've seen massive improvements and efficiency from areas such as stock control and financial management in every single site with access to real-time sales data and marketing tools like the Loyalty point system we've seen massive improvements in terms of repeat orders and also customer average order value 


How has BOSS IT helped you overcome challenges?

in the past few years our business has seen massive growth across many different sales channels predominantly online and Home Delivery this presented a lot of challenges for our sector and BOSS IT has brought a new level of Technology that's helped us integrate and manage all the different sales channels centrally and it has made a massive difference operationally both in front of and behind the counter


Claudia how has the BOSS IT kiosk enhanced the ordering experience?

The kiosk has been great for our average order value we've actually seen upwards of a 30% increase already the kiosk has actually also been great for lessening the demand on our staff especially during peak hours it allows them to focus on other tasks as well which enhances the customer experience also from the customer side the usability is great it's easy to navigate


How has BOSS IT helped with Online Orders?

So the BOSS IT system has definitely improved the efficiency and accuracy of our online orders. Definitely a major difference that we see between BOSS IT and previous systems that we used is the centralising of all the orders about 65% of customers order online this can be through third-party platforms or it can be on our own app so with BOSS IT's channel manager it centralises all the orders and it saves us a lot of time. With features like the driver tracking and customer loyalty programs we've seen an increase in orders coming directly to our own app and this has helped us to avoid High commission charges from third-party platforms. 


Dario, would you recommend BOSS IT?

I'd highly recommend BOSS IT as a system for anybody who wants to put their business at the forefront of technology in the QSR sector. It has been a massive tool in terms of integrating all the different sales channels it's being positively received by our team members in every site and also the customer. The system operating platform from the get-go has been very simple to use and the training and onboarding proved much easier than we'd even planned and I'd highly recommend it as a system

30% order value increase from Kiosks

Streamlining Delivery operations and decreasing errors. 

Increased customers direct to our app and reduced payments of commissions.

I'd highly recommend BOSS IT as a system for anybody who wants to put their business at the forefront of technology in the QSR sector.

- Dario Macari (Director of Operations for Romayo's)

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