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Empowering Businesses: Real Stories & Tangible Successes with BOSS IT

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The BOSS IT & Yeeros story

Yeeros, a Greek Street Food Chain based in Dublin, has expanded to three thriving locations. The implementation of the BOSS IT system began at one store and swiftly spread to a second and eventually a newly opened third store. BOSS IT has become an integral part of Yeeros and Yeeros is quickly becoming an industry leader in the QSR scene. 

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Yeero's were confident in their food offering and were excited to grow the business. They knew getting an operational system that encompassed everything they needed was going too be a key component in their brands growth. After discussing with multiple providers what the requirements were, George and the team decided to move forward wth BOSS IT.

"One of the main things that I like with BOSS IT is that, as a platform provider ,they were very open to customising their service to suit what we needed. We had a number of specific objectives that we wanted to achieve, which they were very flexible about. 

The new system allowed us to improve our kitchen layout and processes, which helped us to move to a paperless operation.
From a hardware perspective, the self-service kiosk is very popular with our customers and looks slick in our branches. We noted an increase in the customer's average spend through the kiosks, which was very encouraging."


George Stamopoulos,
Managing Director


BOSS IT offered a tailored solution to address Yeeros challenges. The POS system seamlessly integrated into Yeeros workflow, delivering rapid order processing, an intuitive interface, and comprehensive inventory tools.

Real-time reporting, channel management, and customisable menus empowered Yeeros to make informed, timely decisions. BOSS IT's user-friendly interface and robust support ensured a smooth transition for Yeeros staff.



BOSS IT's POS solution transformed Yeeros operations. They utilise KIOSKS in each store, resulting in a significant increase in order value. The prep time has reduced from 10 mins to 6 minutes. With faster order processing, Yeeros significantly improved customer satisfaction by reducing wait times and errors. Real-time analytics enabled data-driven decisions, optimising menu offerings and minimising waste. The seamless integration allowed Yeeros to scale effortlessly, opening doors for growth. Today, Yeeros stands as a prime example of how BOSS IT's software solutions can support a restaurant's success.

Increase in average spend via Kiosks

Order Prep Time reduced from an average of 10mins to 6mins.

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